24 Hours In Melbourne – Things To Do In Melbourne

Melbourne is Australia’s 2nd largest city and in order to explore everything the city has to offer you definitely need more than a few days to see all that there is see. However if if you are short on time, Emelie has got some great tips on what not to miss when visiting Melbourne. 24 Hours In Melbourne We stayed a few train stops from Melbourne City center in an area called Flemmington. It was a self-catering apartment hotel that […]

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Our Current Beauty Obsessions

As self-confessed beauty addicts, finding good quality beauty products is high on our agenda and we often get asked what kind of beauty products we are using. The honest answer is that it varies throughout the year. Our skin and hair changes all the time therefore, so does beauty regime. Changing your skincare routine is just like changing your wardrobe. You wouldn’t wear a summer dress and a light trench coat in January, so why would you use the same […]

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Gift Ideas for Her.. Our Christmas Wish List 2018

We had every intention to write a “Gift Ideas For Her” post but as we started compiling the list, we realised it is basically our own Christmas Wish List lol! Although Christmas shouldn’t be all about spending money, it is undoubtedly nice to receive a gift from someone you love, whether it’s it your partner, best friend or someone in your family. When it comes to gifts, we certainly believe it is the thought that counts and honestly, you do […]

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