Working as a model abroad

I saw a lot of agencies last year thinking I would start a little model career in Cape Town. I had a lot of model friends that recommended me to go there saying that I have the type of look that works there. I went to I think 5 and 4 of them were interested. The problem for me was I going back in January so they wanted me to come back straight away (just get the visa in London) […]

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Long-Haul Flights Essentials

Is there a more exciting feeling than the night before you are about to jet set of on an epic holiday? We absolutely love travelling and tomorrow, Emelie is off on her 1 month-long honeymoon. Travelling to Australia and then continue her journey to Thailand. Emelie I literally cannot wait! I have never been this far away from home and although I have been lucky enough to travel to fantastic locations through work, I have never done the “travelling thing”. […]

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