My Cystict Acne Hell And How I Got Clear Skin

My road to clear skin For anyone who’s not suffered from acne or cystic outbreaks this skin condition may seem superficial ,but having acne can really affect how you feel about yourself, and have a huge impact on your self-worth. I (Emelie) have always dreamt of perfect skin , and even at 11 years old I started using my mums compact foundation to make my skin look more like the other girls in my class. At age eleven I hadn’t […]

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Our Current Beauty Obsessions

As self-confessed beauty addicts, finding good quality beauty products is high on our agenda and we often get asked what kind of beauty products we are using. The honest answer is that it varies throughout the year. Our skin and hair changes all the time therefore, so does beauty regime. Changing your skincare routine is just like changing your wardrobe. You wouldn’t wear a summer dress and a light trench coat in January, so why would you use the same […]

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Glossybox Limited Edition Sunday Riley – Review

You may or may not of heard of the skincare brand Sunday Riley, but if you have you know that it is one of the most talked about skincare brands at the minute. Sunday Riley has an almost cult like following and is loved by celebrities such as the super model Jordan Dunn, Cameron Diaz, Victoria Beckham to name but a few. Sunday Riley (who’s name is actually Sunday Riley) launched the brand in 2009 and really wanted to focus […]

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