My Cystict Acne Hell And How I Got Clear Skin

My road to clear skin For anyone who’s not suffered from acne or cystic outbreaks this skin condition may seem superficial ,but having acne can really affect how you feel about yourself, and have a huge impact on your self-worth. I (Emelie) have always dreamt of perfect skin , and even at 11 years old I started using my mums compact foundation to make my skin look more like the other girls in my class. At age eleven I hadn’t […]

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Best Facial SPF For Oily, Dry And Combination Skin

Britain has been hit by a heat wave and the sun is out in all its glory. We can’t actually remember a summer in the UK where the weather has been as great as it has this year. But with sunshine comes responsibility, to ensure you are protecting your skin. Protecting and caring for your skin is important, especially when the UV rays are at their strongest, ie this time of year. Remember to invest in your skin as it’s […]

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How to get your skin looking glowing in less than 30 minutes

Like most people, having glowing, fresh looking skin is high on our agenda. Although it sounds like quite a simple thing to achieve, we know that it isn’t. The struggle is real! We find it especially difficult when we are working a lot as our skin has to put up with having a range of different products applied and then wiped off and so on. This really takes its toll on our skin and although we have two different skin […]

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