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My Cystict Acne Hell And How I Got Clear Skin

My road to clear skin For anyone who’s not suffered from acne or cystic outbreaks this skin condition may seem superficial ,but having acne can really affect how you feel about yourself, and have a huge impact on your self-worth. I (Emelie) have always dreamt of perfect skin , and even at 11 years old I started using my mums compact foundation to make my skin look more like the other girls in my class. At age eleven I hadn’t […]

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Could supplements be the holy grail of achieving perfect hair? Gold Collagen HairLift Review

” Life isn’t perfect, but your hair could be” How many of you would say that your hair is in perfect condition and that you never suffer from that dreaded “bad hair day”? I would guess that unfortunately most of you wouldn’t agree with the above statement, and keeping your mane in perfect condition can feel impossible at times (trust us, we feel ya!!) We believe┬áthat great hair is your best accessory, but external and internal forces can take there […]

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Elizabeth’s Daughter Skincare Review

Glowing Skin Is Always In and we definitely feel so much more confident when our skin is looking great. Searching for a good, natural skincare range can feel daunting at times as there are just so many products out there. (Emelie) “I love to discover and test out new skincare products but as I suffer from acne prone yet mega sensitive skin, I have to be careful with what kind of products I use. Last year, I came across a […]

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