Day Trip To Whitehaven Beach

You may not have heard of this place but it has the purest sand in the world, almost 100% silicon. It’s a place where many backpackers go and I now know why. It truly is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen with turquoise water surrounding almost blinding white sand which is so pure that it actually squeeks as you walk on it. I had seen pictures on instagram and other travel blogs before visiting but was truly […]

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Santorini – A dream destination

Santorini is an amazing place to visit and if you are looking for a romantic or relaxing getaway, Santorini will not disappoint. With amazing views, lovely food and lots of things to keep you occupied, it is one of my (Katrin’s) favorite place to visit. Me and my boyfriend have been to Santorini once before so this time we had more of an itinerary of things we wanted to do. Last year, we didn’t really venture outside the island but […]

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