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Working as a model abroad

I saw a lot of agencies last year thinking I would start a little model career in Cape Town. I had a lot of model friends that recommended me to go there saying that I have the type of look that works there. I went to I think 5 and 4 of them were interested. The problem for me was I going back in January so they wanted me to come back straight away (just get the visa in London) […]

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SS19 Trends We Are Embracing This Season

We have almost made it through January and we’re now looking forward to spring. I don’t know about you but we both generally find that the month of January is a bit of a drag (perhaps not for Katrin since she’s been enjoying travelling in stunning Cape Town) but in a general terms, January sucks! It’s a month of trying to get back on track after Christmas, you are skint and the weather is totally unpredictable. Although it is still […]

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