10 Things We Wish We Knew Before We Started Modelling

10 Things We Wish We Knew Before We Started Modelling

Being a model may seem glamorous, fun and exciting and many young girls dream about strutting down the catwalk or gracing the cover of Vogue. It can sometimes seem like such an easy way of making living and a gateway to a stylish and exciting lifestyle. As professional models, we have both experienced the exciting highs but also seen the darker side of the industry and being a model can be tough. You may have read and seen models or ex-models slating the industry and the profession but although it is a tough industry, we have personally still chosen to work as models and we still love what we do. Having said that, there are a few things that would have been beneficial to have know before we started modelling which would have made our whole journey so much easier. These are the “10 Things That We Wished We Knew Before We Started Modelling”

You Don’t Have To Be Tall To Become A Model

Height can be important if you are a model, especially if you are looking to work as a fashion model and get booked to for catwalk shows. Although being tall may be an advantage for some types of modelling it doesn’t mean that if you aren’t 5ft11 and a size 4 you cannot have a career as a model. There are different types of modelling so don’t let yourself get discouraged if you are not meeting the height criteria. Look into other types of modelling such a commercial modelling where height isn’t so important. There are plenty of models that have great careers that are under the typical model height of 5ft 10 so do not let the myth of “You have to be super tall and super skinny to become a model” discourage you from pursuing a career in modelling.

You Probably Won’t Become Rich

There is a common misconception that modelling will make you rich. This is unfortunately not true. Although the daily rates can sometimes be quite good, you probably will not be working 5 days a week and sometimes you can go a couple of week (sometimes even longer) without booking any jobs. As a model, you will most likely spend your days running around to different castings or doing unpaid test shoots to boost your portfolio. Many models struggle with debt as it can be a really tough profession to make a living out of due to the irregular work pattern and the fierce competition.

Find Out What Type Of Modelling You Want To Do

Like we mentioned previously, there are different types of modelling and figuring out what you want to do and what type of modelling that will suit you earlier rather than later will eliminate time wasted on trying to fit into a box that just isn’t right for you. For example, if you are 5ft6 you may not be suitable for catwalk shows but you may be perfect for commercial, ecom and catalogue work.

You Don’t Necessarily Need An Agency


We have had so many questions from young girls asking i they need to have an agency to start modelling and the simple answer is no but having an agency does have it’s advantages.

Emelie – When I first started modelling I had an agency and I think that was great for me at the time as I knew nothing or nobody in the industry. As time progressed, I started to build up my own network of contacts and eventually I started to receive freelance bookings through Facebook (Instagram wasn’t a thing back then). My agency at the time did not give me a lot of work and I ended up spending more than I earned on train tickets to attend castings so I wasn’t able to support myself financially. That is when I left my exclusive agency and started freelancing instead. At first I had part-time jobs whilst I modelled part-time but as my network of clients grew, I was able to quit my job as a barmaid and started freelance modelling full-time. The disadvantages with not having an agency is that they will undoubtedly have a network of clients and be able to secure bigger campaigns than you will on your own as a freelance model. Your agency will also ensure you get a fair rate for the jobs they book you for but they will obviously take a cut of that fee. They also make sure the client pay the agreed fee, although it can take as long as six months (sometimes even longer) to actually get paid. As a freelance model you are the boss so you can set your own fees, work with the people you want to work with which is a huge advantage. Unfortunately you will have to do all the invoicing and chasing unpaid invoices yourself and it can sometimes be difficult to get clients to agree to a fair rate. Many clients will be negotiating hard to reduce the cost of the shoot so that is something you have to be prepared for. There are pros and cons with both being an agency model and a freelance model but we can go into the details in another post.

Do Not Take Everything Your Agency Tells You As Unquestionable Truth

Your agency is basically employed to get you work, similar to a recruitment agency, they may be painting things in a much more positive light to make jobs or job trips sound far better than they may be in reality. It is also important to beware of any agent telling you that you are not good enough or that you need to loose weight. They are there to get you booked for jobs and support you with your career, not to make you feel bad. If you are signed to an agency that is constantly harassing you about losing weight or shedding centimeters, stand up for yourself. If they continue to treat you badly, it may be time to consider to find another agency.

Read Any Contracts You Are About To Sign Thoroughly

We cannot stress the importance of this point enough. When you receive a contract from anyone, whether it is from your agency or a client, read it properly. Don’t just glance over it and sign it. If they are pressuring you to sign there and then, let them know that you are a professional model that would like to ensure she understands the full terms and conditions of the contract. Always ask to receive a copy to take home to read through in your own time. Don’t be fooled by anyone saying it’s just a standard contract with no unusual terms and conditions. It is your job to understand what you are getting yourself into and it may be worth asking a loved one to read it through to make sure you fully understand the contract.

You Will Work Long Hours

Working as a model isn’t always easy and you may end up working 10 to 16 hour days on a regular basis which can be exhausting. You may also have very irregular work patterns such as getting ready for a shoot with the sunrise shoot where you may have to be in hair and make-up as early as 3am. Sometimes you also have to work through the night depending what type of shoot you are working on. Once the shoot is finished you may also have a long journey back home and we have spent endless amount of hours travelling to and from shoots which can be very tiring after a 12hr day shooting.

It Can Be Incredibly Lonely

The modelling world can be a lonely one at times as you may be travelling on your own a lot, spending days going to castings on your own and once the days is finished, you will probably be exhausted and just end up going to bed. You will essentially be working as a self-employed lone trader so being comfortable spending a lot of time on your own is essential. With that said, as most models are in the same boat, castings can also be a good place to meet new friends.

Your Social Life Will Suffer

As a model, work will most likely taking priority over anything in your social calendar. As it’s not like a normal 9-5 job and you may just have to grab a job opportunity as it presents itself. You will end up planning your life around work. There has been so many times where we have had to cancel our personal plans to accept work and even booking a holiday may feel like a scary prospect. What if that job that you always dreamt of comes in just as you are going away? Unfortunately because of this, you will most likely end up cancelling a lot of your social events to accept a job but remember, you still have to live and be able to enjoy going away on holidays.

Be Sensible With Your Money


Due to bookings not being regular and pretty unpredictable, you have to be wise with your money. Even if you end up booking a great campaign, make sure you save plenty of your hard earned cash for a rainy day and for your taxes. You may have just secured a fantastic gig paying really well but these types of bookings don’t come around very often so make sure you don’t go and spend it all at once 🙂

Working as a professional model isn’t easy and it certainly hasn’t made us rich but it has given us opportunities and experiences that we would never have had if it wasn’t for our job. Being a professional model is far from the perfect job and there are a lot of things that we have to put up with because of our job. That said, it’s a job where everyday is different and we do feel blessed to be able to work in such an exciting industry.

If you have any questions about modelling or fashion industry we’d love to hear from you ☺️

Until next time,


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Rado Campaign and how to get into acting

Rado Campaign and how to get into acting

One of the most commonly asked questions we receive from all of you lovelies is how we got into modelling and how you go about doing commercials. Even though casting directors do hire models for commercial, most brands and casting agencies require that you have some sort acting or onscreen experience. We both have some onscreen experience and Katrin has had the opportunity to take part in several commercials, TV series and films. This is the story about how Katrin got the job for Rado, a very established watch brand. In this post you will find out what the days were like filming for Rado and Katrin will also give some insider tips on how to get into acting/model acting.

Katrin for Rado

I have always really enjoyed acting and this year was the second time I worked for Rado. Although I knew that Rado was a established brand and had a big following, I would never have dreamt that the response for the last commercial would be as big as it was with some videos having over 6 million views on youtube. I feel really blessed to have work with team over at Rado and I love just the combination of acting and modelling, it’s exhausting but oh so exciting and fun!


How it all started

One day the casting company contacted me out of the blue (the casting director found me online) and they requested me to come for a casting. The only thing I knew about the job at the time was that it would be a commercial for a watch brand and that they were looking to do but story with several episodes rather than just one commercial episode. They informed me that they were looking for someone that could both act and model.

The Casting

When I arrived for my casting we first just had a casual chat about life, so nice when you connect with the people who you are meeting at the casting! Mike the casting director is such a fun guy and we literally got on like a house on fire.

Mike told me more about the project he was casting for and Mike was so passionate about the project it I already started to get excited about working on this commercial.

I love when you meet people that are so passionate about what they do.

After we had a good old chat he filmed me doing 3 scenes so he could send it over to the rest of the team for then to see if I’d fit the role they were casting for.

I knew they had more girls to see so as I left I said goodbye in the hopes of getting the role. Two weeks later I received a call to say that I got the job.

Life onset

A job like this means 12 hour days, shooting for weeks or in our case, for a month. It can be quite intense as there are so many people on set, the crew, assistants, the hair and makeup etc. There is a lot rehersals of scenes, changing clothes and filming etc which takes its toll on you after a few days but I just love it, I don’t mind long working days, meeting new people and working hard. If you are passionate about what you do, it’s way more fun than it is tiring.




How to get into acting

If you want to get in to acting I would recommend finding yourself a really good acting agent and go to as many casting calls as you possibly can. I’d also say that it’s good to really consider what you want to do, what roles you could be suitable for and set realistic goals. Another thing that is really important is to make sure you have a good showreel and if you don’t have previous work you can record some yourself. There are companies that can help you to create your showreel but it can be quite costly so my advice is to do it yourself to begin with and then you can perhaps invest in it at a later stage. I’ve never paid to have a showreel done for me but some of the ones I’ve seen have looked great so it be some worth looking into but remember to do your research properly before parting with your well hard earned cash 😊

The Results



I hope you enjoyed this post and if you have any questions about modelling or acting, please do not hesitate to write to us, we love hearing from you 😊

Until next time,


8 Items to Bring to a Photoshoot

8 Items to Bring to a Photoshoot

Hello everyone, hope you have had a wonderful and relaxing weekend. Katrin and I met up for our weekly brunch ( we do love a Sunday brunch, who doesn’t?! 🙂 As always when we meet up we started chatting about everything under the sun and came onto the subject of what to bring to a photoshoot. Katrin had just received her call sheet for a job that she was doing on Monday from her booker (A call sheet is the schedule of the day which either the client or agency will forward to the model containing information about times, items that the model needs to bring and any other information the model may require). Nothing was listed on her call sheet so does this mean she doesn’t have to bring anything?

Might sound like a strange question, but throughout the years, we have realised that even though the call sheet may not list any items for you to bring, there are a few things that we feel are useful to bring with you. We have therefore made a list of 8 Items of photoshoot essentials that we always bring with us just in case 😉


Join us for our Sunday Brunch chat by clicking here 🙂 


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Behind the scenes of our recent bridal editorial – “Ethereal Beauty”

Behind the scenes of our recent bridal editorial – “Ethereal Beauty”

It was mid-November and freezing, a perfect day to shoot a bridal editorial on location, right?! Perhaps not but as models, we are pretty used to working in cold conditions so nothing too out of the ordinary. The shoot location was about a 15-minute drive from my (Emelie) house so I was well chuffed that I could literally roll out of bed about 30 minutes before the call time (nice!)

Katrin – Yeah, we were shooting in a park close to Emelie’s house so I stayed over to avoid traveling on the trains in rush hour. Also meant that we could have one of our epic chats the evening before 😛

We are so excited about showing you all the results of the editorial but first, follow us behind the scenes!

The Dream Team

Dresses: Ruth Milliam’s gorgeous designs

Hair and make-up by the talented Rosie-Lee

And last but definitely not least, this editorial was shot by our fave photographer, the amazing Pedro Antunes

Emelie – PS; I don’t know what is wrong with me as I seem to only be able to say two words – Yummy and Hello… 😛

Katrin – HAHA, yes it was hilarious editing this video and you are literally saying “HELLO” about a million times 😛 Obviously feeling super friendly lol!

Watch it here 🙂



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6 Myths About Modelling Debunked

6 Myths About Modelling Debunked

During our time working as models, quite a few people have asked what modelling is really like.

Many girls start modelling around 14-15 years old but we started when we were a fair bit older about 19 and 21. Consequently coming into the industry that bit later we had some experience of other work and had both held down totally different types of jobs, therefore we could compare the modelling industry to other mainstream professions and we can say with confidence that modelling is is unlike any other job we have ever had.

Wikipedia Definition of modelling:

“A model is a person with a role either to promote, display or advertise commercial products, or to serve as a visual aide for people who are creating works of art or to pose for photography.”

It can be really exciting and fun but also quite difficult at times. For outsiders looking in it might look incredibly glamorous, seeing models jet-setting around the globe, walking down catwalks in designer gear, shooting fancy looking campaigns and so on. This perception isn’t entirely correct, although we do have moments when we think “How are we getting paid for this” but these types of jobs are far and few between. Most of the time it is extremely long hours in sometimes less than favourable conditions. There are a lot of myths about modelling, so we thought that we would debunk some of the most common we have heard.

  1. Modelling is incredibly glamorous

This is one of the most common misconceptions about modelling. We often get told that we must have “the easiest and loveliest job ever, being photographed in beautiful locations and being pampered all day”

We have an amazing job, we really do, we get the chance to see parts of the world that we might never had the opportunity to see if it wasn’t for our work. In reality, modelling isn’t always that glamorous.

As a model you are expected to just deal with things. Being cold, not getting fed, being addressed as an object, criticised in public, standing up for hours on end without a chance to just sit down to rest your feet. You are often working long hours, starting at 7 am and then working until sometimes 8-9pm at night without a lunch break. At times you don’t have any other option than to eat quickly in-between changes and sometimes you don’t eat at all! You are often shooting in cold conditions as you always shoot ahead of season so wearing summer dresses or bikinis in the freezing cold is standard.



Emelie shooting in an abandoned leisure centre in Belgium for a Canadian Magazine in the middle of winter (no heating, it was absolutely FREEZING!) But what don’t you do for the love of fashion 😛 

2. Models are rich

Now, this is another very common myth about modelling. “Become a model, they said, you will be rich they said” Erm, not completely true, unfortunately. Although you can make good money modelling, it doesn’t make you rich by any means! Back in the glorious 80’s the so-called supermodels could earn obscene amounts of money for each booking. Brands would invest in their campaigns and pay models a generous fee. Unfortunately, the industry has changed somewhat and although there are still so-called “supermodels”, many of us do have money worries on a regular basis. Models wages have been in decline for a long time due to the economic climate, and because of this a lot of clients are drastically cutting their budgets. There are still opportunities to earn good money, big campaigns do come around once in a while but they are far and few between.

3. Models get to keep the clothing they shoot


Now, this rarely happens! Many start-ups offer their models clothing or items as a payment but getting paid and receiving free clothing rarely happens.

4.  You have to be super skinny and tall to become a model.


The fashion industry gets a lot of bad press when it comes to sizing as many girls are forced to become dangerously thin so they can fit into “sample” sizes. And with editorial fashion, this is a recurring issue that never seems to be resolved.

It always struck us that is was pretty strange that the sample sizes never change, so instead, models have to change their bodies to fit into teeny weeny samples.

This is something that must change as it is giving young girls and boys a very screwed view of what a body must look like. Although the industry has still a long way to go there are significant changes and a greater variety of different sized models. Gorgeous models like the Australian super-duo that is Georgia Gibbs and Kate Wasley are showing the world that there is no such thing as “one size fits all”. It is so exciting to see different heights, shapes and sizes being represented in the fashion industry. Can you imagine a world where everyone looked exactly the same? How dull what that be?! Certainly not a world we would like to live in. So if you want to go into modelling, but you think that you are not “tall enough” or “skinny enough” think again. High fashion isn’t the only type of modelling you can get into there is a huge commercial market where height isn’t as important as having the right proportion and having the “right” look. It could be anything from a yummy mummy, a girl next door or a sporty girl with a confident persona that does yoga.

So, if modelling is something you really want to try out, go for it!

Don’t waste your precious time and energy on trying to fit in to a bracket that isn’t you and try the commercial market instead. Never knock it before you try it, better an oops than a what if we always say 🙂

5. Models eat clean wholesome foods, all day every day


“All models eat healthy as they have to stay thin”. This statement definitely isn’t correct. When Katrin and I discussed this we both strongly agreed it’s quite the opposite. Yes, some models are quite strict with their calorie intake to ensure they do not fluctuate in weight and change size too much, but we can confidently say that models eat WAY too much sugar and here is why.

Modelling can be pretty stressful, not only because you never know when your next pay cheque is coming, but it is also worth noting that models do not have a regular working pattern and this really takes its toll on your body and your energy levels. Everything is very last minute to a point that you can go to bed early and find out at 4am in the morning that you need to be on set at 6am! You have to be organised and make sure you have food ready to go in the fridge to take with you. It frequently happens that there is no proper food on set, only snacks, biscuits, chocolate and sweets. We all know what happens when you consume too much sugar, an initial spike in energy followed by a massive “sugar come down”. To keep up your energy levels, you just top up with more sugar. This is a common occurrence at most shoots!

6. Models are bitchy and not particularly bright

The Model Diaries

“What do you do for a living?” To us this can be a loaded question. We are not ashamed of what we do, we love our jobs but we are painfully aware that there is a stigma about modelling and models. For example, people seem to think that we are not particularly bright and probably quite arrogant. I can confidently say this is far from the truth! A lot of us juggle a number of things whilst working such as studying, holding down another job or starting up our own business.

Another thing that we get asked is, are all models really bitchy? And I think our resounding answer to that is NO! Modelling is incredibly competitive and because of this, some models can come across unfriendly or far too competitive around other models. This is normally caused by two things; Many are very young when they start modelling and being a youngster in such a chaotic world is pretty scary. Most are just really insecure and are just doubting their abilities to secure jobs, and this can sometimes result in fairly unfriendly behaviour.

The other thing can actually be language barriers. Models are moving around the world, working in foreign countries where they may not speak the language very well. This can obviously cause a barrier when they meet others and expressions can different in other coutnries and therefore they can be misinterpreted. Most of the girls we have ever worked with/lived with are lovely people and are not at all like the ice-cold unfriendly stereotype of a model.

So, there we have it, 6 common myths about modelling debunked. Have you got a question about modelling that you would like answered? Please drop us a line in the comments below or ping over an email as we would love to hear what you guys think 🙂


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Behind the Scenes of Kisayia’s New Campaign

Behind the Scenes of Kisayia’s New Campaign


A few weeks back I was involved with shooting Kisaiya’s new campaign with a team that I would class as a bunch of friends, rather than work colleagues. We just have too much fun together it hardly feels like working! 


Call time 9AM; Not such a bad call-time , but it meant that I had to get out of my warm and comfy bed earlier than my boyfriend which always sucks, but hey ho a girl’s gotta work 🙂

I turned up at the location to meet up with the team, absolutely love working with this group of people, we literally have such a good time!


Time for hair and make-up ,done by the incredibly lovely and talented Jourdan Walker. As it’s a sportswear brand the look was fresh and natural (just how I like it).

Time to shoot, let’s go! 


Gorgeous braiding by Jourdan  


Never underestimate the importance of having fun 😉


The floor was FREEZING 😛


I have been lucky enough to work with this fantastic team for over a year now and we are always having so much fun together. Kisaiya’s office is located in Shoreditch and this campaign was shot in their office building, giving the shoot a sort of cool street vibe. Like I have mentioned before, I love working for Kisaiya  not only because of the awesome team but also because I adore their range. Their clothes are so incredibly comfortable, and most importantly they are super flattering. Kisaiya sets themselves apart from other brands as they consider women’s needs when they design their clothes. Plus they have some really trendy prints that will make you look super hot whilst working up a sweat.

Their aim is to empower women through fitness, but also ensure that their clothing really flatters the female shape. Their brand name has got a pretty cool meaning too ‘Kisaiya’ is a Romany Gypsy name and was chosen because it simply means ‘Full of Life’

Fit is not a destination, it’s a way of life!

Looking to update your gym wardrobe? Find out more about where you can get your hands on some uber stylish gym gear here www.kisaiya.co.uk



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