Hello or Hej Hej as we would say in Swedish πŸ™‚

Who are we? Let us introduce ourselves. We are two girls originally from Sweden who’s paths crossed when we were booked for a fashion show earlier this year. We quickly noticed that not only were we both from the same country, but also shared the same interests hobbies and last but not least, the same goofy happy-go-lucky attitude. We have been friends ever since. Our motto in life is to have fun, life’s too short not to have a good time. “Life is a a journey not a destination”.

Katrin Ostlund

Three words that describe me; Happy – Energetic- Creative

Book; www.motmodel.com


Emelie Stenman

Three words that describe me; Positive – Adventurous – Persistent

Book; www.justanordinarygal.com


What is The Model Diaries all about?

We decided a while back to create “The Model Diaries” as we would love to give an insight into what life as a professional model is really like. It is not always as glamorous as it may seem, and like any other profession, it has its ups and downs. The Model Diaries will go behind the scenes of some of our photoshoots, shows and castings sharing our experiences. The Model Diaries will basically be about our day-to-day lives as models but also about our common interests. This will include sharing how we try to keep healthy whilst leading a busy lifestyle.

Hope you enjoy our blog as much as we enjoy sharing it with you!

The Model Diaries