My Cystict Acne Hell And How I Got Clear Skin

My road to clear skin

For anyone who’s not suffered from acne or cystic outbreaks this skin condition may seem superficial ,but having acne can really affect how you feel about yourself, and have a huge impact on your self-worth.

I (Emelie) have always dreamt of perfect skin , and even at 11 years old I started using my mums compact foundation to make my skin look more like the other girls in my class. At age eleven I hadn’t yet developed acne but my skin was uneven. I remember watching Britney Spears videos wishing my skin could look like hers. As you can tell my perfect skin obsession started at a very young age, and as I got older my skin started to break out which made me even more self-conscious.

As a teenager I didn’t really suffer from horrendous acne, it was more a case of having very oily spot prone skin, but it was manageable and it didn’t affect my self-esteem too much. The real problem started when I was about 26 years old.

Cystic Acne

It all started in spring 2014. I have always been prone to get a acne cyst about every other month but this time my skin was going mental! For those who are not familiar with the term cystic acne it’s classed as the most serious form of acne, and cystic acne also tends to be the largest in size and be much deeper within the skin. If you suffer from this type of acne you will most likely develop large raised hard bumps underneath the skin, which are really painful. It’s really difficult to treat and in my case I started to develop several cysts in close proximity to each other, which resulted in horrendous swollen areas on my face. As you can imagine this was impossible to hide.

I went to my GP, and he was so incredibly unhelpful and even asked me if I washed my face properly, indicating I had bad personal hygiene! I was distraught as I was unable to work due to my skin and I was in actual pain due to so much swelling on my face. At its worst, I didn’t leave my house for weeks and I became incredibly isolated. During this time I started to hate myself and my reflection disgusted me.

In desperation I started to search for skincare products with the promise to sort my acne out. I must have spent hundreds of pounds on different skincare ranges. I tried everything from drugstore brands to products advertised in pharmacies and followed recommendations from forums such as but nothing helped. I started looking into non-surgical treatments such as deep chemical peels costing hundreds of pounds per treatment. I felt so hopeless as everything I tried failed.

The Turning Point

I must have spent hour upon hour researching treatments. I eventually found a skin peel that was said to help your skin to fight acne bacteria, promised to even out your skin tone and also help to fade acne marks. The peel was more affordable than the deeper peels plus the downtime was far less.

I made an appointment with Dr Christine for a chemical peel called Obagi Blue Peel Radiance at a clinic in Tunbridge Wells and this is when everything changed.

The first step towards clear skin

I booked myself in for the Blue Peel Radiance which is a peel that contains a unique blend of of acids to provide a gentle but effective salicylic acid based facial chemical peel.

When I first saw Dr Christine my skin was so congested and I had just recently had another acne flare up, so I felt really uncomfortable as she cleansed my skin in preparation to apply the peel. For so long I’d hated my skin and I hardly left the house and would certainly not go anywhere with out a thick layer of foundation and heavy duty concealer so having my skin totally exposed felt really uncomfortable but Dr Christine made me feel really relaxed and at ease. The first time I had the peel it did sting, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Afterwards though my skin felt so much cleaner and much less congested. During my appointment Dr Christine told me about the Obagi Clenziderm range and recommended I should try it as it was designed and formulated for problematic skin. To be totally honest I was really sceptical , as Ias I had already spent a fortune on my skin trying so many products and none of them had made any difference. I didn’t invest in the Obagi skincare until the second time having the peel ,but I’m so glad I eventually took her advice and bought the Clenziderm range as it truly changed my skin completely.

Clearer Skin

Day 1 after the peel

My skin looked shiny and felt a bit tight, but I couldn’t see any difference to the spots.

Day 2

One of the things that Dr Christine mentioned at my first appointment , was that a few days after the treatment my skin would start to peel which is what was happening a couple of days later. It wasn’t very noticeable and it just looked like I had areas of dry skin , but what I did notice was that the skin underneath looked much clearer.

Day 3

I started to notice that the acne marks had faded somewhat and there were hardly any new spots developing. Could I have found the cure for my temperamental skin?

7 Days

A week had now passed since I had the peel and I was seeing real change in my skin. It was far less oily than before, it looked clearer and my skin tone was much more even. On day seven I started to use the clenziderm kit that I’d purchased after my second peel treatment. I was feeling hopeful. In combination with starting my new skincare regime I also changed my birth control pill to a pill that was said to be good for people suffering from cystic acne.

5 months later

I had now used the Clenziderm products for a few months and my skin had made a 360. It was clear, I hardly had any large breakouts, in fact I hardly had any spots at all! My skin tone was more even, It was less oily although my skin wasn’t dry, it just felt much more balanced. My acne marks were still there but they had started to fade.

7 months later

I couldn’t belive it, my skin was clear! I had not had any large spots in over 2 months and I had been able to reduce the amount of makeup I used, I was able to go to work without the constant fear of the makeup artist or photographer complaining about my skin. I started to regain my confidence.

2 Years Later

I’ve now used the Clenziderm skincare range religiously for over two years and I can never imagine I will ever stop. It’s changed my skin completely and I finally have clear skin and it’s also less sensitive than it used to be. I do still use other skincare products in combination with the Clenziderm range and I only use some of the products in the kit every other day as that seems to be enough to keep the spots at bay. I still book in to have the Obagi Blue Peel Radiance from time to time in combination with the Led mask (I’ll link all the details below) when I want to get my skin looking extra fresh and to ensure it stays at its best. These two treatments really give you such a beautiful glow and truly resets your skin.

The combination of changing my contraception and using the Obagi Clenziderm range has transformed my skin and my only regret is that I wish I’d known this earlier.

Although the Obagi products have worked for me everyone’s skin is different so you may have a different experience, but I would sincerely recommend a visit to a professional with a good knowledge of medical skincare, who can advise you on what products would be suitable for your skin.

Find out more about Obagi Professional Skincare

Book a consultation with Dr Christine

I truly recommend seeing a professional who can help you figure out what the best treatment is best for you. Don’t let acne get you down, it’s not easy to treat acne but it is possible 😊

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