Day Trip To Whitehaven Beach

You may not have heard of this place but it has the purest sand in the world, almost 100% silicon. It’s a place where many backpackers go and I now know why. It truly is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen with turquoise water surrounding almost blinding white sand which is so pure that it actually squeeks as you walk on it.

I had seen pictures on instagram and other travel blogs before visiting but was truly taken away by the natural beauty once I experienced for myself.

Whitehaven beach is situated in the Whitsundays, a collection of islands off the coast of Eastern Australia. To visit the area we flew in to Proserpine and stayed in a backpackers hot-spot named Airlie Beach.

Airlie Beach isn’t a big place but rather a small town that is very much based around being a hub for tourists and backpackers who wish to explore the Whitsundays.

In Melbourne where we had just travelled from it was warm but due to the occasional wind chill, it made it a little uncomfortable wearing say a summery dress. We were a bit shocked by how much the climate had changed as we stepped off the plane up in Queensland which is the North Eastern part of Australia. It felt and looked much more tropical and it was really hot and incredibly humid. The weeks prior to us arriving, this area had suffered terrible weather and flooding so we were incredibly fortunate to turn up to sunshine and clear blue skies.

We stayed at Sunlit Waters Apartments in Airlie Beach which if you are planning a trip to Airlie beach I’d truly recommend staying there. We had great views of the bay as the apartments are situated on a hill and the hosts were so friendly and helpful. They also had the cutest dogs who were super friendly and they really enjoyed a cuddle or two.

The apartments were kitted out with a kitchen and the room was very spacious. There was a little balcony area which had gorgeous views of the bay and we had the most powerful air con I’ve ever experienced which was needed as it was HOT outside. With this it meant that we could sleep really well as without it the nights would have been quite uncomfortable with due to the thickness of the humidity.

We stayed for 3 nights and paid £70 a night.

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Day Trip To Whitehaven Beach

Rob, my husband (still cannot get used to saying that lol) has already been to Whitsundays and visited Whitehaven Beach about 12 years ago. He had already told me how beautiful it was so I was really excited to be able to experience this magical sounding place myself.

There are several tour operators that go to Whitehaven Beach but we’d booked ours with an operator called Ocean Rafting and choose to go on the “Joy Ride” boat on the Southern Tour. This particular tour included one snorkeling stop, a trip to the northern part of Whitehaven Beach where the lookout points are located plus another stop off at the southern longer part of the beach.

The crew was made up by two jolly guides who were both great at making you feel welcome and they were enthusiastic and had a great sense of adventure and fun about them. Once the safety briefing had taken place, the skipper started to blare out “Ghetto superstar” and off we went.

Our first part of the trip was the snorkeling stop. Unfortunately Rob had picked up a slight back injury so didn’t go in but I gave snorkeling my best go. I’d never done it before but I enjoyed it so much I simply have to do it again! According to the crew due to the storms the previous weeks the visibility in the water wasn’t quite as good as it could have been but I still spotted loads of beautiful and colourful marine life. Next time I’m definitely investing in a GoPro as I would have been able to get some pretty amazing footage.

Next stop – Whitehaven 🌴

Like I mentioned before, Whitehaven Beach really blew me away. We got dropped off on the other side of the island and made our way to the beach via a little path through the forest which wasn’t more than a mere 15 minute leasurely walk. Our guide Ben took us to the lookout points where we stopped off to take photos of the beach from above.

We then turned back and continued down the hill and made a left turning down to the beach where we had our skipper waiting with lunch prepared on the boat which he had docked right on the beach.

We could then have lunch on the boat or the beach which was just heavenly plus we also had a cheeky beer. Ocean Rafting is one of the only tour operators that have a permit to dock at the beach itself so if you are considering a day trip there, I’d definitely recommend to check them out as it’s wonderful to be able to sit and have lunch with this amazing view.

After lunch we then had about an hour to just chill, go for a swim, take some pictures etc. It was so blissful I could have just stayed there forever. The next stop was the southern part of the beach which is just south of the beautiful inlet that you see on all the postcards. Here we had a beer, went for a swim and then it was time to head back.

All in all, this day trip is probably one of the best experiences I’ve ever had and it truly is worth doing.

We paid £176 for the two of us and if you are looking to book I’d recommend you booking direct as you will get the best deal.

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We had 3 truly amazing days at the Whitsundays and I could not recommended this place enough. If you love spending time in a beautiful place with an option of exploring amazing islands or just drinking cocktails on the beach, it’s certainly worth a visit.

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Let us know in the comments below if you have visited the Whitsundays and what your experience was like, we love hearing from you 😊

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