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I saw a lot of agencies last year thinking I would start a little model career in Cape Town. I had a lot of model friends that recommended me to go there saying that I have the type of look that works there. I went to I think 5 and 4 of them were interested. The problem for me was I going back in January so they wanted me to come back straight away (just get the visa in London) and then work 4 months. I new I had my Rado campaign already booked and other big jobs in London so try to chance to a shorter period. It didn’t work out so I told them I just come back now this year. But I feel now that I am older I want to be with my boyfriend in London. Me and Emelie also have so many things happening with Model D. So I just do some work when I am here now for this weeks.

Anyway I just wanted to tell you a bit about how it could be to shoot in Cape Town. This is things I also wish I new before.

Be aware of the weather, stay warm

Cape Town has the most beautiful beaches I ever seen. The water looks so beautiful but oh so cold.

I can also say if you will do shoots in Cape Town you will shoot very early in the morning or before sunset. Of course it can be in the day as well but often this is the case. I thought oh nice to shoot in lovely warm weather but trust me you will be cold in the morning. And in the afternoon it can be windy as well. The reason why this is first of all the beach is more quiet and the second thing is that the light is better at this times.

The water

On my first shoot I had to be in the water in the morning, whit the waves hitting me. I of course said I could do it, hehe wanna be a good model. But you need to remember if you shoot with someone for Cape Town for example they can be use to swim in the water and think you are a bit silly. But I always say do thinks that you are comfortable with as well( don’t go to crazy). I almost fell of a rock in the water last year, because the water was hitting so hard.

Always were sunscreen!

It is of course important everywhere you shoot in this type of weather. But I never think I felt this strong sun before. I got very burned last year on my first shoot because I didn’t realise you can almost get burned when the weather feels cloudy.

So you always need to bring good sunscreen even if your make up artist have that with them. I can highly recommend the new vichy water spray. So smooth for the skin and gets quick in to the skin as well. I also don’t get spots from it. I feel with every other sun screen I try I have a problem with my skin. Feels like you don’t really have any sunscreen on because it’s like a dust spray. I know 50 sounds much but you want to protect your face for work. I been wearing 30 for my body.

Bring water

You really need to drink a lot of water. The sun makes you tired without realising it sometimes.

I came home from a shoot a few days ago and felt like I was dying. Even if your not always in straight sunlight the sun will get you.

The rates

The payment is not that god here for models. But you can see it as a beautiful place to work in. People here are very friendly as well I think. And if you like shooting swimwear this is a good place for you.

Test shoots

They are a lot of good photographers to test shoot with in Cape Town. Some you have to pay some will do tfp shoots. I think the best way is to ask over instagram or

facebook.Also you agency can ask for you. Also if you decide to do a payed these shoot it usually will be cheaper compered to London but depending on the photographers its well.

You want to find an agency

Look online for agencies and then send them an email (send them some photos as well). The usually are very quick and I got a meeting the day after I asked. Never forget to ask about if they will they help you with accommodation, with the visa, rates and test shoots to build up your book . If you maybe don’t already have for example a lot of summer photos. The agencies I meet would help me with both visa and a place to stay and photos so I think most agencies do that.

Never pay

Never pay for joining and agency. I heard about this so many times from other models, if they ask the agency is very doughy. Properly just a group of people that wants your money.

Stay safe

For me Cape Town feels safe, but I need to bare in mind I always been here with my boyfriend. The agencies are central, most work is central and Uber is very very cheap here. But I don’t think you should be out by yourself late at night. I would say take an Uber to most places it also makes sure you arrive to the right place for a castings and for shoots.

Please ask off you have any other questions.

Xoxo Model D

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