Things To Do In Cape Town

Cape Town is perfect for someone that likes a bit of adventure, loves a beautiful beach and wants to eat amazing food for a good price.

Yes you heard right, its so cheap to live there as a tourist. For example we went to a 5 star restaurant and had a 3 Course meal with wine for 30 pounds. The sad thing though is that a lot of people suffer here from no work or bad pay. So we always give some more to make sure we are doing something good.

Me and my boyfriend were there last year, also over 3 weeks and we just love it. I thought I would make a list of some cool things you could do while you are there. Hopefully this helps if you are thinking about visiting Cape Town.

Walk table mountain.

I am so proud I walked up table mountain. It was a very hot day with no shade. I did the mistake to ask someone on the way up (they were coming down) how far it was to the top. They said 10 min so I made a run for it, but it was more like 40 minutes haha.

Table mountain has very beautiful views from different sides of the mountain. I think the walk would be around 2 hours but I guess it goes a bit quicker to go down. If you like you can also take a cable car both up and down the mountain.



The aquarium.
If you love animals like me and get amazed from the underwater life this is a place for you. I went to the aquarium last time I was in Cape Town also but was still just as amazing as the first.

The drive

I highly recommend to do the ocean drive. On the way go and see the penguins at Boulders Beach. It’s just magical and I would say its better than the pictures I had seen before.

The drive 1

The drive2

Wine yards

This is almost a must if you are in Cape Town (also good obviously if you love wine haha). My favourite wine yard is Grande Provence. It has a cozy friendly atmosphere. Its not just the wine you have a little shop and an amazing art gallery. I can now understand why so many people want to get married in a wine yard. They also have a train you can take between the vineyards that look pretty cool.


Baby vindgard 2



This is another bigger vineyard that has a stunning garden. Here you will eat from what the garden gives which I thought was amazing. The veggies and the fruit taste so much more rich in there flavours. I saw fruit I had never seen before, amazing lime trees and beautiful flowers. My favourite part was the amazing garden hose. This was only around 40 min from central cape town with a car but the other one will take you around an hours.

Helicopter ride to see Cape Town from its best.

Even if I am scared of heights I loved that helicopter ride. You can choose different length of flights. We did the 2 ocean scenic flight and it was 30 minutes and just amazing.

The beaches!

Clifton beaches is the closest beach you can go to. There is 4 beaches and they all have beautiful white sand. If its good weather they will be quite busy but you can find a spot between the cliffs for yourself if you like. This is a popular spot for photographers and models.

We also took a drive to Muizenberg (Surfers Corner) to see that beach. We did a lovely morning walk along the beach. We also wanted to go there to see the famous coloured changing houses.

They also have beautiful beaches in Camps Bay were I did a photoshoot one morning. This beach is not far from Clifton.



We are breakfast people so we been treated ourself every morning. The food is very cheap so you can get a very high quality meal for little money. My favourite breakfast places are.


This is a place quite close to Clifton. They have a big menu with a lot of variation. My favourite is the bruchetta on sourdough with balsamic vinegar, spinach, avocado and tomatoes. Nom nom!


This is next to our hotel on Riebeeck Street. Its been perfect for us to just pop in.

This is an Italian inspired place with an owner from Australia. Its also the perfect place for pictures.

Try the creamy mushroom sourdough sandwich also, it is to die for.

Best Places To Dine


This is a cozy little restaurant that serve south African tapas. You will try so many cool new flavours. We have been happy every time we went there. The staff are lovely as well. At this restaurant I could recommend everything just try a lot of different things.

Willoughby & co

Its a restaurant in the middle of the shopping mall in Victoria wharf so not the cosy. Apart from that though, the food is insane, especially if you like sushi. Our favourite was the rock shrimp tempura and rainbow reloaded. You could go there for lunch as well but I think the food is better for dinner.


If you like a really good cheap burger, this is the place. My personal favourite is the Heart attack burger, haha. Its a very chilled place were you just can pop in. An american friend of mine says its the best burger he has had outside the US, so it must be pretty good then:)

Also I would definitely say to take some time and go for a safari, but that I will write about in another post so stay tuned.

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