Gift Ideas for Her.. Our Christmas Wish List 2018

We had every intention to write a “Gift Ideas For Her” post but as we started compiling the list, we realised it is basically our own Christmas Wish List lol! Although Christmas shouldn’t be all about spending money, it is undoubtedly nice to receive a gift from someone you love, whether it’s it your partner, best friend or someone in your family. When it comes to gifts, we certainly believe it is the thought that counts and honestly, you do not have to go out and spend a fortune on a gifts, it’s not the size of the the gift that matters, it is the size of the heart that gives it 🙂

As it it now only 14 days until the big day (seriously where does the time go?!) and some of you may already have all your presents sorted and some of you may not, we thought that we would compile a little list of what we would love to receive this year to give any of you that are struggling a bit of a helping hand. This is not a gift guide to say “This is the type of thing all girls would love” but more of an inspiration list for any of you girls (or boys) that are struggling to find nice gifts on a budget. The most expensive item on this list is £44 and if that is too much for any of you, bare in mind it is a full gift travel set and you can reduce the price by purchasing just one or two of the items in the set and gift wrap it yourself 🙂



Item No1

Pink Satin Leopard Print Wrap Dress £27.99 from New Look

Perfect for : The fashion savvy girlfriend. This dress is perfect for anyone who loves fashion and has fully embraced the animal print trend. Great outfit for going out for dinner and a night on the town.

Shop Here




Glitter Ankle Boots from Primark £15

Perfect for: The Disco Diva

Shop Here



Gel nail polish that gives you extra glossy nails with a long-lasting effect

From Lindex £6.99

Perfect for : The Glamour Puss


Shop Here 



Pure Volume: HOLIDAY TRIO BOX from Maria Nila – Complete set £44

Perfect for : The Vegan Beauty Addict

Shop Here

c_s-holiday-07_1 (1)


SHEIN Tee And Shorts Pajama Set £13.99 + shipping

Perfect for: The Netflix and Chill babe

Shop Here




Prosecco Pong £4.99 from Ebay

Perfect for: The Party Animal

Shop Here




Glitter Bow Scrunchie from Matalan £2.50 – In store or online

Perfect for: The Girl who cannot get enough of glitter

Shop Here 

1539936808.480824-S2701502_C238_Main (1)



Stylish Scented Candle from SNÖ £17.50 – A fresh, crisp and icily dry scent infused with a hint of winter berries and frozen timberwood.. Last for 20 Hours .

Perfect for: The Stylish Interior design chic

Shop Here





Perfect for: Anyone

Shop Here 



Pale Pink Paris Slogan Longline Sweatshirt £13.99 from New Look

Perfect for: The sporty girl who likes being comfy yet cute

Shop here 


So there we have it, our Christmas Wish List for 2018, we hope that this list gave you some inspiration and ideas. Remember, Christmas isn’t about spending, it is about showing the one you love that you care. Christmas is the spirit of giving without a though of getting.

Until next time,


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