The Christmas sweater – The Ugly Edition

Christmas jumpers, you either love them or hate them but the Christmas sweater has become a big tradition in England.

Katrin – In Sweden we don’t really make such a big deal out of it, although we do wear them it seems like it’s a bit of a craze here to wear a really “ugly” Christmas jumper so I started wondering if there was something more to it. Eventually I had to ask a friend and that’s how I found out about the so called “The Ugly Christmas sweater day”. You may have heard about the Christmas Jumper day which is on the 14th December where you are encouraged to wear a regular Christmas jumper to work to raise money for charity. The Ugly Christmas Jumper day is just the same only to qualify, you need to wear an “ugly” Christmas jumper, the uglier, the better.

Friday, December 21st, 2018 is the so called National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day and its all about proudly wearing your favourite ugly Christmas sweater for the entire day. Thie regardless of circumstances so, wear it to school, to work, to your sister’s wedding. Got an important interview on Friday? Oops, tough 🤞

You can buy a sweater from the charity Save the Children’s website and then you automatically donate to Save the children and if you already have your jumper you can donate to through Save the children anyway which we will do this year as we had already got our (although they are a bit more descreet 😂.)

Giving to others less fortunate is our way to spread some Christmas cheer and wouldn’t you agree that it be a lovey Christmas present to someone? If you fancy buying your jumper now and donate some money to Save the children we have compiled a list of our favourite ugly Christmas jumpers😊

Xmas sloth Amazon from £15

Christmas Llama Jumper £12.00 from Primark


Christmas Pig

Amazon from £15


Christmas Animal Print Sweatshirt SHEIN £7.99

Blue Santa Claus Christmas Jumper ASDA £16


Christmas Jumper 3D Amazon from £15

There are so many people who will be without a loving family this Christmas and by donating even a small amount of money you can really make a difference. Donate here

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