Rado Campaign and how to get into acting

One of the most commonly asked questions we receive from all of you lovelies is how we got into modelling and how you go about doing commercials. Even though casting directors do hire models for commercial, most brands and casting agencies require that you have some sort acting or onscreen experience. We both have some onscreen experience and Katrin has had the opportunity to take part in several commercials, TV series and films. This is the story about how Katrin got the job for Rado, a very established watch brand. In this post you will find out what the days were like filming for Rado and Katrin will also give some insider tips on how to get into acting/model acting.

Katrin for Rado

I have always really enjoyed acting and this year was the second time I worked for Rado. Although I knew that Rado was a established brand and had a big following, I would never have dreamt that the response for the last commercial would be as big as it was with some videos having over 6 million views on youtube. I feel really blessed to have work with team over at Rado and I love just the combination of acting and modelling, it’s exhausting but oh so exciting and fun!


How it all started

One day the casting company contacted me out of the blue (the casting director found me online) and they requested me to come for a casting. The only thing I knew about the job at the time was that it would be a commercial for a watch brand and that they were looking to do but story with several episodes rather than just one commercial episode. They informed me that they were looking for someone that could both act and model.

The Casting

When I arrived for my casting we first just had a casual chat about life, so nice when you connect with the people who you are meeting at the casting! Mike the casting director is such a fun guy and we literally got on like a house on fire.

Mike told me more about the project he was casting for and Mike was so passionate about the project it I already started to get excited about working on this commercial.

I love when you meet people that are so passionate about what they do.

After we had a good old chat he filmed me doing 3 scenes so he could send it over to the rest of the team for then to see if I’d fit the role they were casting for.

I knew they had more girls to see so as I left I said goodbye in the hopes of getting the role. Two weeks later I received a call to say that I got the job.

Life onset

A job like this means 12 hour days, shooting for weeks or in our case, for a month. It can be quite intense as there are so many people on set, the crew, assistants, the hair and makeup etc. There is a lot rehersals of scenes, changing clothes and filming etc which takes its toll on you after a few days but I just love it, I don’t mind long working days, meeting new people and working hard. If you are passionate about what you do, it’s way more fun than it is tiring.




How to get into acting

If you want to get in to acting I would recommend finding yourself a really good acting agent and go to as many casting calls as you possibly can. I’d also say that it’s good to really consider what you want to do, what roles you could be suitable for and set realistic goals. Another thing that is really important is to make sure you have a good showreel and if you don’t have previous work you can record some yourself. There are companies that can help you to create your showreel but it can be quite costly so my advice is to do it yourself to begin with and then you can perhaps invest in it at a later stage. I’ve never paid to have a showreel done for me but some of the ones I’ve seen have looked great so it be some worth looking into but remember to do your research properly before parting with your well hard earned cash 😊

The Results



I hope you enjoyed this post and if you have any questions about modelling or acting, please do not hesitate to write to us, we love hearing from you 😊

Until next time,


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