Santorini – A dream destination

Santorini is an amazing place to visit and if you are looking for a romantic or relaxing getaway, Santorini will not disappoint. With amazing views, lovely food and lots of things to keep you occupied, it is one of my (Katrin’s) favorite place to visit.

Me and my boyfriend have been to Santorini once before so this time we had more of an itinerary of things we wanted to do. Last year, we didn’t really venture outside the island but this time around we decided to stayed in Santorini for 3 nights and explore Los for 2 nights. The beauty with this stunning Greek island is that you can make it as relaxing or adventures as you like and I would definitely recommend to rent a scooter rather than getting taxis around the island, you get to see and experience so much more. One day we decided to visit a beautiful wine yard and I can only describe the view as simply stunning. The prices of renting a scooter varies, we paid around £25 per day but you can also visit to pre-book.

Another unmissable thing to do when visiting Santorini is to travel by boat, I highly recommend to go to IOS which is situated about 33 miles north of Santorini. Ios is absolutely stunning and well worth a visit. The ferry journey takes about 45 minutes and runs regularly throughout the day.

Another really great thing with Santorini is the food. If you are a foodie such as myself, you have come to the right place. Santorini has some incredible restaurants service fresh and delicious food which is then combined with some absolutely stunning views, what is not to love?!

Argo is my favorite restaurant in Santorini. It’s lying beautiful up on a hill on one of the streets in town. Here is always good to book a table beforehand, but you could be lucky. The Segnaki is to die for here. We always end up going to this restaurant twice before we left a little bit pricey med definitely worth it.




Wine Yard

If you are into your wines, I would highly recommend that you pay a visit to the wine yard Aroma Avlas, a family run wine yard which is situation about 15 min (by scooter) from Thira and is overlooking the fields.



We just had to purchase a bottle of local wine from the farm and it may have been the best wine we had during our whole holiday, it was delicious! We also enjoyed some delicious food at the Aroma Avlas and I would highly recommend the tomato meatballs if you are staying for lunch or dinner. Did you know back in the days Santorini struggle to afford getting meet in to the Island. Because of this they made a recipe to do meatballs with tomatoes instead. This dish was so delicious, yum yum yum!

Must See In Santorini

The love locks: In Santorini by the ocean walk you can find a spot for love locks. We put a lock there and I cant wait to go and see it next year. Romantic right? Its’ fun just to go there and read all this little love messages as well.

The outdoor cinema, Abba fever:

This cinema lies on the same walk. It’s so cool to have a drink before and see the sunset. Both times when we been at the cinema they showed Abba the movie. I just love it, but if you are not a abba fan I know they show other movies as well.

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Where to stay:

We lived at an hotel called Anteliz that I just loved. Anteliz doesn’t have many rooms so it really feels like you are staying in someones house and the view is simply amazing . When it comes to breakfast, you order it the night before and they cook it for you the next day anytime time you want and they also give you an option to have breakfast in bed or if you prefer sitting outside enjoying your breakfast whilst gazing into the incredible view. I would highly recommend this hotel and we are sure to go back next time 🙂





Visiting Ios? Here are our favorite places to eat and drink

Katogi ( look for the roster)

This is a traditional Greek tapas restaurant that is loved by both locals and tourists so you definitely need to book in advance to avoid disappointment.

It’s a colorful restaurant, with a beautiful flower garden so you feel completely immersed in the flower decorations. Ask for recommendations and you get great help from the staff.

Elias is another Greek restaurant in Ios which is a super cute cozy little restaurant in the middle of the town. My boyfriend already knew owner so we already know their total passion and dedication to create good food. I can confidently say that Elias is a restaurant that will not disappoint when it comes to the presentation and the flavors as they are always spot on. I would recommend the Fava balls and halloumi fries, absolutely delicious!


Things to see:

Center: I would say just walk around, is just so cozy and as Daniel arelady know quite a few people in Ios we always end up in really cool little local bars. I would highly recommend to check out Astra.

The beach: We lived close to a big beach which was amazing. The great thing is that you can either chose to relax or be super active and try out some of the may activities such as surfboarding. If you go to Ios, don’t forget to visit Harmony which is a bar/restaurant situated just by the beach and the view is simply breathtaking.

Hotel: Recommend Ios palace which is just by the beach, stunning views and a great pool. You are so close to the beach and it has a really good bar with delicious snacks so you don’t really have to venture far 🙂 This is a great place to simply take a moment and truly relax.


Both me and Daniel love Santorini so much we are already planning our next trip!

I hope this post was gave you some ideas if you fancy making your first trip to Santorini or Ios or if you have been before but would like some inspiration 🙂
Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments below, until next time,

The Model Diaries.

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