Nutritional Health Assessment and Analysis with Gold Collagen’s Nutritionist Vidhi Patel

How healthy are we? We visited MINERVA Research Labs in-house nutritionist and Research and Development Consultant Dr Vidhi Patel to find out.

A few weeks ago we had the chance to find out how healthy our bodies really are on the inside and to be honest with you, this was a pretty daunting thought. We both consider ourselves to be fairly healthy, we both exercise regularly, don’t eat too much refined sugar and don’t drink excessively, but undergo an actually health assessment that would reveal any imbalances and deficiencies seems a little scary. Our bodies are incredible machines which we do not always look after the best we can (let’s be honest!) and for many, if you don’t notice anything signs of illness,we are doing ok right?
Well, it may be a little more to it!

We had never  done a full health assessment before so we would definitely say we felt a little nervous but the wonderful Dr Vidhi was so warm and reassuring our nervousness quickly turned into excitement.


The Test

In order to conduct a full health assessment, Dr Vidhi use a very impressive device called  Electro Interstitial Scanning which is also known as a Bioenergetic electro dermal device. The E.I.S. device will highlight any imbalances in your system including vitamins, minerals, serotonin and hormone levels.  The device will highlight any deficiencies and imbalances that may actually cause illness in the future giving you the chance to change any unhealthy habbits and improve your lifestyle before it is too late. The test is designed to help people understand their bodies better and it is basically giving your body a full MOT, how cool is that?



Find out how we got on here  

Health Assessment with Dr Vidhi Patel using Electro Interstitial Scanning

The Results

Our results were very similar and that may be because we do spend a lot of time together and have very similar, hectic lifestyles.We were both recommended to drink more water as we were both very dehydrated, reduce stress-levels and a reduction of sodium was also recommened. We cannot recommend this test enough as it helped us understand our bodies better, what we are doing wrong and what we are doing right.  The assessment was really helpful as we now feel in control of our own health, we feel empowered as we now feel that we are able to improve our health with simple lifestyle changes. We have both taken Dr Vidhis advice and we feel SO much better for it, it really has changed the way we look after our bodies. Understanding your body better feels empowering!

Do you have any unexplained aches, pain, unexplained dizziness, tiredness, loss of hair, lackluster skin, premature ageing, loss of sex-drive or simply feel that your body is not as balanced as you wish it could be? Then we’d highly recommend to book an assessment with Dr Vidhi today. We have not been paid to say this, we are just very impressed by the accuracy of the test and how helpful it has been to us.


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