Vegan Limited Edition box by Glossybox

When we heard the news that Glossybox were launching a Vegan Limited Edition Box our instant reaction was OMG THIS IS SO EXCITING! In terms of being conscious about cruelty free beauty, Glossybox has been really good at including brands that are either vegan or do not test on animals and they have included both established brands and some newcomers. Although we are not vegan, we truly believe that cosmetics should NOT be tested on animals and we try our very best to avoid brands that do. Knowning this, you can imagine that this limited edition was right up our street! This box is does not only include great vegan products but it is also worth over a whopping £80 which Glossybox is offering for only £30 if you are a non-subscriber or £25 if you are already part of the Glossybox family.  This box is jam-packed with goodies we have been busy testing these products out.

Maria Nila (Full Size) 



Okay, we have to admit this is one of our favorite hair-care brands, like ever! Maria Nila is a Swedish brand which is 100% vegan and cruelty-free. Their ethos is to create good quality hair products that are nice to your hair, animals and the environment. They are also very concision about their environmental impact.

“When you buy our products, you contribute to planting new trees to our world!

Maria Nila is proud to work with Zeromission and Plan Vivo! We support the project Taking Groot. Taking Groot collaborates with farmers in some of the poorest parts of the world for reforestation of forests. This is achieved by encouraging farmers to replant the under-utilized parts of their farms in exchange for direct payments. The farmers families are offered an income and the project helps to mitigate the effects of climate change.”

How amazing is that?

This extremely hydrating hair masque smells divine and will leave even the driest of manes in a incredibly glossy condition. It soothes an itchy scalp, helps with dandruff and prevents hair-loss. Plus it does not weight your hair down like some moisturising hair masques have a  tendency to do.


Dr. Organic Vitamin E Super Hydrating Cream (Full size)



A fragrance-free super hydrating cream formulated using a blend of naturally derived emollients and antioxidants including Organic Vitamin EAloe Vera Shea butter Cocoa butter Sweet Almond oil Wheat Germ oil Bergamot oil and Panthenol. It is a very rich cream and unfortunately we found that this was not suitable for using over our entire face. As it is very rich, both me and Katrin broke out in spots BUT, we found that is was incredible for using under the eyes and really helped soothe dry skin in that area. I (Emelie) was particularly impressed by this product as it was quickly adsorbed into the skin and can be worn under concealer.


So Eco Eye Shading Brush (full size)



Emelie – I have really loved SO Eco’s brushes for a while and I remember clearly buying my first brush from Boots a year or so back. The packaging was really appealing to me and their brushes are incredible soft too.  So eco is another brand that really is concussion about their carbon foot print and what role they play when it comes to saving the planet. “All brushes & kits are from eco friendly sources. Hand crafted handles are made using bamboo from sustainable sources. Brush heads are cruelty free Taklon sourced bristles suitable for liquid & powder based cosmetics.”


Tints of Nature Vegan Hydrate Shampoo (70ml)


This award winning little hair savior has been uniquely developed with natural and organic ingredients like lecithin, aloe and sunflower that will gently clean, condition and moisturise your hair.  It is also free from parabens, SLS (sulphates) and colour stripping salts. This is shampoo is great for someone with dry hair but I (Emelie) prefer shampoos with a volumizing effect as my hair is very fine.


Kat Von D Tattoo Liner (0.2ml)


None of us really use eyeliners as we find it quite tricky to get it right. Most liquid eyeliners we have tried are quite messy and the ones with a hard brush always seem to create a line that is just too harsh. This eye-liner from Kat Von D on the other hand is super easy to use, even with my unsteady hand I managed to get a straight and nice line and it stayed on all day. Probably the only eye-liner that is “Emelie Proof” (ie someone who can’t really use eye-liners and have oily skin which causes even eye make-up to budge)


Noughty To the Rescue Anti-Frizz Serum (75ml)


Emelie – I first came across Noughty at an event last year and was really impressed. It was lovely to see a brand that doesn’t take themselves too seriously and Nought embraces fun which comes across on their packaging. What we really love is that this brand is really understanding that although their type of customer wants to have cruelty-free and natural products, they still want a nice smelling product and Noughty has managed to prove that they can do that and they do it well! Although this is an anti-frizz serum for dry hair, it doesn’t make the hair feel coated or greasy but it may not be heavy enough if you need a serious hydration boost but it worked well for medium dry hair. A little goes a long way!


Tropic Lip Fudge Plumping Lip Conditioner in Rosewood (10ml)


We loved the packaging, the smell and the colour but we did not notice any plumping effect and surprisingly, both our lips did not respond to the promised moisturised effect. We haven’t used it for long (still using the Carmex Strawberry from our previous Glossybox) but will give another update once we have tried it for a bit longer.


PureChimp Matcha Green Tea (20g)


There are so many benefits with green match tea such as it can help to boost your metabolism, improve your concentration and it’s loaded with skin loving antioxidants. Unfortunately, neither of us we are big green tea fans so  we did not think we’d like testing this product but we were wrong (or at least Emelie was).

Pure Chimp has really managed to create a great flavored matcha green tea which hasn’t got an overpower taste and if you are not keen to just drink it straight up, mix it with your morning smoothie and it will just add a nice subtle flavor whilst adding a potent antioxidant boost. Could Pure chimp have converted Emelie into a Match Green Tea lover….?!


Original Source Lemon and Lime Foaming Shower (180ml)


Katrin was super excited about this product and it did not disappoint! The thick gel turns into a foam as you apply it on your skin and leaves your skin feeling clean and soft, what’s not to love?! As you can see, this product is a full size and it smells absolutely divine! If you are a fan of lemon tarts, you are going to love this.


Weleda Birch Cellulite Oil (10ml)


This is the product that Emelie was most excited about!

Emelie – like a lot of women, I do have my fair share of cellulite’s, it’s not something that really bothers me too much but  i’d rather have less if you know what I mean. I really love this brand as I used their soaps and skincare when I was younger so I was pretty excited to try this Cellulite Oil out.

The promise: A study of Weleda’s Birch Cellulite oil has confirmed that when using Weleda Birch Cellulite Oil twice daily over 28 days in combination with Weleda Birch Juice, testers’ skin was on average noticeably 35% firmer and skin elasticity improved by 20%. Visible improvement of skin structure was recorded in 85% of cases, and testers’ skin showed a healthy 20-25% increase in blood circulation/ microcirculation.”       Sounds pretty promising right?
I can’t comment about the effectiveness of this products as I have only used it for under a week but I do like the texture, the smell and it does soak into the skin quickly so it doesn’t leave you with “greasy thighs”. We will update you with results in a few weeks.


Our verdict

The Vegan Limited Edition is an absolute steal! There are so many wonderful products and you pay a fraction of the price, what is there not to love? So far this is mine (Emelie) favorite box. I agree ( Katrin), it was just packed with so many products and I love Maria Nila so I was super excited plus, the products included are of great quality and it is so fun to be able to try them all for such a good price 🙂


We hope you  have enjoyed our review and if you fancy one yourself, the Vegan Limited Edition Box is available to purchase here – Glossybox Vegan Limited Edition 


Until next time,


Model D

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