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Summer is finally here and the celebration of Swedish midsummer is just around the corner. For those who aren’t familiar with the traditional Swedish midsummer, it’s a celebration where we drink, eat and dance, all day and all night. It’s such a fun festivity and if weather allows, we organise picnics with family and friends and later on in the day perhaps even a Bbq.

Having a picnic is a really fun way to enjoy spending time with your friends and family and it’s also a nice way of enjoying the great outdoors, plus it will keep spending to a minimum.
If you compare going out for lunch or dinner to having a picnic where everyone is bringing something with them, it ends up far cheaper. Plus people can be a bit creative with what they decide to bring. Having your friends (family or both) gathered around a blanket in the park where you can set up game tournaments sounds like a good day spent to us!

Swedes in general love a good picnic just like us, and that is why we thought we’d share some super cute and cheap picnicky things that you can easily bring with you.


Picnic blanket (which is so pretty we might use it as a throw for our sofa in the living room)

The picnic basket (see video)

Bottle for juice or soft drinks(see video)

Quirky Bulb Glasses

Super cute but totally unnecessary little sun chairs (see video)

Cooler bag (too keep your apple juice, or prosecco cool) *See video *

We had a super fun day out on Sunday where we show you all the stuff we brought so if you fancy coming along, click here 😊

All items have been purchased from www.flyingtiger.com

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