How to get your skin looking glowing in less than 30 minutes

Like most people, having glowing, fresh looking skin is high on our agenda. Although it sounds like quite a simple thing to achieve, we know that it isn’t. The struggle is real! We find it especially difficult when we are working a lot as our skin has to put up with having a range of different products applied and then wiped off and so on. This really takes its toll on our skin and although we have two different skin types; Katrin’s skin tends to be drier whilst Emelies’s skin is oily and prone to breakouts. The results are the same, our skin looks tired, it has lost its healthy glow and its basically begging us for some TLC. Keeping your skin looking healthy is first and foremost down to what you put into your body (check out our previous post and recipe for “Skin loving smoothies”) but in order to give your skin that turbo boost when it so desperately needs it, great skincare is key and this is why we are super excited to be collaborating with Gold Collagen, a brand that knows a thing or two about exactly how to get your skin in tip-top condition.

Not yet heard about Gold Collagen? Gold Collagen was founded by Tony Sanguinetti who became fascinated by how Japanese women viewed skincare and was impressed by their skincare routine and how they kept their skin looking so youthful and fresh. He noticed that a holistic skincare approach was key to their youthful appearance and that taking collagen drinks to supplement their diet was an essential part of their daily beauty regimes. By combining this holistic approach with thorough scientific research, that’s how Gold Collagen was born. As soon as we looked into the details of Gold Collagen we understood their true and real passion for helping people to achieve the best skin they could have and that is why we are so excited about our recent collaboration.

What is Hydrogel and why is it good for your skin?

Definition: “a gel in which the liquid component is water.” But why is this gel good for your skin? Hydrogel provides your with a hydration boost and is also commonly used in certain wound dressings to aid healing.

What the clever clogs over at Gold Collagen have developed is a Hydrogel sheet mask loaded with; Hyaluronic Acid: which supports moisture retention, leaving your skin looking plump and moisturised. Botanical Complex: A powerful blend of botanical antioxidants including Houttuynia Cordata Extract and Green Tea, which leave skin fresh and hydrated. Glycerin: To help skin attract and retain moisture. Pearl Extract: Derived from the freshwater pearl, Pinctada martensil, a good source of antioxidants.


So in other words, it will really give your skin a hydration boost with added antiageing benefits too Like we said earlier, nutrition is key for your overall help but sometimes your skin needs a little bit of a boost and we’d highly recommended to sit down, in front of the telly, with a tea in one hand, and a Hydrogel Sheet Mask on your face and just let it do its magic. If you fancy seeing how we prep our skin ahead of a photo shoot, click on the link below PS ; we are also trialing Gold Collagen Hair lift supplement for 6 weeks so we’ll be back with an update soon 🙂

How to get your skin photoshoot ready 

Until next time, Xoxo Model D

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