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Hi guys and welcome back to our blog. It’s Monday and you know what that means, time for another video 🙂

In this week’s video we try out a relatively new but super fun exercise class called Hula Fit. For those who haven’t heard about it before, Hula Fit was created in 2013 by Anna and Rowan Byrne, who, between them,both have extensive experience in the hula hoop and fitness industries.

“The aim of the HulaFit® class is to create an environment that is as focused on the ‘Fit’ as it is on the ‘Fun’!   There are elements in each class that will appeal to all, regardless of your fitness experience, whether you’re a keep-fit fanatic or a fitness phobic, we at HulaFit® believe that even if you hate everything, no-one can hate hula hooping!”

After trying this class we can confirm that you certainly feel it in your core so for those of you who would like a fun and alternative way of working your core, this class might be right up your street!

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Life Is Better When You Are Hooping 🙂 

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