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Glowing Skin Is Always In and we definitely feel so much more confident when our skin is looking great. Searching for a good, natural skincare range can feel daunting at times as there are just so many products out there. (Emelie) “I love to discover and test out new skincare products but as I suffer from acne prone yet mega sensitive skin, I have to be careful with what kind of products I use. Last year, I came across a skincare brand I had not tried before – Elizabeth’s Daughter. Elizabeth’s Daughter was born out of the frustration by a loving mother as she struggled to find skincare products that suited her problematic skin and her daughters young and sensitive skin(the name is quite obvious now 🙂

The range was developed in conjunction with a leading authority in botanical extracts and natural products and promises to not use any parabens, sulphates or petrochemicals and none of the products are tested on animals.

(Emelie) – I personally find it hard to find good quality skincare products that aren’t really pricey and actually works. This is why I was pleasantly surprised when I first tried this skincare range as their products really do what it says on the tin!

The Elizabeth’s Daughter range consists of 7 skincare products.

The Cream Cleanser

This gentle yet effective cleanser is one of our personal favourites. This rich cleanser will leave your skin cleansed and moisturised which is a godsend when you return from a long day at work. The Cream Cleanser is also brilliant at removing any residue of makeup including waterproof mascara.

The Gel Cleanser

(Emelie) I found this cleanser great for when I feel that my skin is a little bit more oily. Although gentle, I found that it really gets rid of excess oil without being too harsh and it gives your skin a slightly deeper clean compared to the cream cleanser. We’d suggest to alternate between these two products throughout the week.

The Makeup Remover

As models, removing your makeup after a shoot really is key in order to keep your skin looking healthy. We have tested many different types of makeup removers through out the years, and unfortunately, although claiming to be very gentle, some can be surprisingly harsh on your skin. This Makeup remover contains loads of soothing and anti inflammatory ingredients such as pomegranate extract vitamin E and rose water. (Emelie) “First time I used it I stupidly ignored the instructions on the packaging and just applied it straight onto my eyelids and tried to rub my mascara off. I failed miserably. Elizabeth’s Daughter advises that you soak a cotton pad with the solution and then apply the soaked cotton pad to your eyes, gently pressing it down for a few seconds. That works really well but if you are wearing a waterproof mascara or heavy makeup, I’d actually recommend to use their cream facial cleanser instead as it’s so rich it gets all of the makeup off with ease.

The Daily Mosturiser

(Emelie) love this product! It’s one of the few moisturisers that I can use on my face without running the risk of my skin breaking out. I also love the fact that even though it is very hydrating, it doesn’t leave your skin feeling greasy and it also does not have a strong smell. I don’t like facial creams that smell of perfume as it makes me worry what I’m actually applying to my face!

To top it all off, this moisturiser can be used on your whole body and its perfect for soothing dry hands!

The Gentle Toner

This toner is perfect for anyone with sensitive skin which is prone to redness. It gently cleanse the skin removing dirt and any makeup residue. If you suffer from spot prone skin but still have quite sensitive skin this is perfect for you. If your acne is a little bit more stubborn than just the odd spot here and there you can alternate between this gentle toner and a toner containing salicylic acid to help your skin rebalance itself.

The Purifying Mask

(Emelie) – This deep cleansing mask is a fantastic addition to my skincare routine as it gives your skin a deep cleanse eliminating excess oil and toxins. It contains Amazonian White Clay which is very rich in mineral salts helping to eliminate toxins and it also contains plant extracts from Great Burdock and Erysimum which have a sebo-regulating and antiseptic properties to help rebalance the skin. I love using it on a Sunday evening whilst I’m having a bath to really detoxify my skin after a busy week at work.

And last but definitely not least, probably my favourite product in the whole range!

The Soothing And Glossing Balm

This stuff is amazing! It soothes chapped lips like nothing else plus it has a subtle glossy effect leaving you with hydrated and glossy lips. The balm contains apricot butter, shea butter, aloe vera and rose hip seed oil which is known to to nourish and protect the skin. It can also be used to treat dry cuticles. A trick that I use (Emelie) is to place it on my cheekbones as a hydrating highlighter as it really gives my makeup a glossy, yet natural finish.

Elizabeth’s Daughter offers quality skincare containing natural formulas for a reasonable price and that is why we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone who is looking for cruelty free, no fuss natural skincare.

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