Want to get fitter whilst having loads of fun? Then this series may be right up your street!

Like most people, we made our new year’s resolution to become fitter, stronger and simply better versions of ourselves in 2018 but as we all know, this can sometimes be quite challenging. So we had had a bit of a brainstorming session and thought, why not try something different? This coming weeks we are trying out some alternative fitness classes which promise to burn calories, improve your cardiovascular fitness whilst having heaps of fun. Sound good? We thought you might agree 😊 “The Model Diaries Try”is a new mini series where we test some of London’s more unusual fitness classes whilst of course, filming it all for your entertainment 🙈 First up, Kangoo Jumps.

To find out how we got on, click here ⬇️

Kangoo Jumps

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The Model Diaries

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