8 Items to Bring to a Photoshoot

Hello everyone, hope you have had a wonderful and relaxing weekend. Katrin and I met up for our weekly brunch ( we do love a Sunday brunch, who doesn’t?! 🙂 As always when we meet up we started chatting about everything under the sun and came onto the subject of what to bring to a photoshoot. Katrin had just received her call sheet for a job that she was doing on Monday from her booker (A call sheet is the schedule of the day which either the client or agency will forward to the model containing information about times, items that the model needs to bring and any other information the model may require). Nothing was listed on her call sheet so does this mean she doesn’t have to bring anything?

Might sound like a strange question, but throughout the years, we have realised that even though the call sheet may not list any items for you to bring, there are a few things that we feel are useful to bring with you. We have therefore made a list of 8 Items of photoshoot essentials that we always bring with us just in case 😉


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