Behind the scenes of our recent bridal editorial – “Ethereal Beauty”

It was mid-November and freezing, a perfect day to shoot a bridal editorial on location, right?! Perhaps not but as models, we are pretty used to working in cold conditions so nothing too out of the ordinary. The shoot location was about a 15-minute drive from my (Emelie) house so I was well chuffed that I could literally roll out of bed about 30 minutes before the call time (nice!)

Katrin – Yeah, we were shooting in a park close to Emelie’s house so I stayed over to avoid traveling on the trains in rush hour. Also meant that we could have one of our epic chats the evening before πŸ˜›

We are so excited about showing you all the results of the editorial but first, follow us behind the scenes!

The Dream Team

Dresses: Ruth Milliam’s gorgeous designs

Hair and make-up by the talented Rosie-Lee

And last but definitely not least, this editorial was shot by our fave photographer, the amazing Pedro Antunes

Emelie – PS; I don’t know what is wrong with me as I seem to only be able to say two words – Yummy and Hello… πŸ˜›

Katrin – HAHA, yes it was hilarious editing this video and you are literally saying “HELLO” about a million times πŸ˜› Obviously feeling super friendly lol!

Watch it here πŸ™‚



The Model Diaries


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