Is Your Skin Party Ready? Here Are 5 Skincare Products We Just Cannot Do Without This Festive Season

There is no denying it, the official party season has begun! Whether it’s time for the office Christmas party or if you are just feeling like you want to dazzle your way through this December, it’s time to get your glam rags on and look your best. Although we consume more than we should of sugary sweets, fatty foods and last but not least alcohol we expect our skin to be in tip top condition, say whaaaat?!?

(Emelie) – I love winter, I actually really enjoy wrapping up in layers and I’m a sucker for Christmas, but I don’t like my skin during the winter months. Even though I have oily skin which is prone to breakouts, my skin still seems to become dry and lacklustre and I hate being pale, it just doesn’t suit me! During the festive period we expect to be able to consume a lot of unhealthy foods and alcohol without considering the fact that it cause’s havoc to our skin. Unfortunately the stuff we put into our bodies will have an impact on our skin whether we like it or not.

Katrin – I totally agree, when I eat a lot of sugary things (ie milk chocolate) my skin breaks out even though my skin normally is clear. Plus my skin sort of looses that glow that you have during summer.

Emelie – I couldn’t agree more and as we are not massive fans of using make-up to totally cover up imperfections I’d say that we both prefer making sure our skin is in the best condition it can be.

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For us, it is absolutely essential to keep our skin in good condition and because of that, we have gone through our fair share of skincare products (especially me (Emelie) “I’m a self-confessed beauty addict”). There are a lot of brilliant skincare products on the market but we have narrowed it down to 5 products that we just could not do without this winter.

The Detoxer ‘The Purifying Mask by Elizabeth’s Daughter’ I love this face mask! It really detoxifies, throughly cleanses and eliminates toxins unlike other mask’s we’ve tried, and it’s not too drying on sensitive skin. Elizabeth’s Daughter is a brand that we have sort of fallen in love with as they really put a lot of thought into what type of organic vegan ingredients they use in their products. This face mask is packed with Omega 3 & 6 which enables the skin to regenerate and it also contains antiseptic properties helping the skin to rebalance itself. Suitable for all skin types.

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The Smooth operator – Now when our skin is feeling so “fresh and so clean, clean” it’s time for the product we call “The Smooth Operator”. Emelie – I find that I have to be a little careful with the type of facial exfoliators I use as my skin is quite sensitive but I really love the ‘Grounded Body Scrub’. It contains grounded coffee, brown sugar and sea salt to help scrub away any dry, dead or flaky skin. Whilst this is a full-on exfoliator, it is also full of vitamin c, extra virgin coconut oil, and almond oil to make sure your skin stays moisturiesd. I use this scrub weekly and I love it!

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The Hydration Booster – It is now time to put some serious hydration back into our skin. We love this ‘Elizabeth’s Daughter daily mosturiser’ (same brand as the purifying facial mask) because it is not too greasy or heavy. For me (Emelie) this is especially important as I have suffer from breakouts so greasy moisturiser is always a big NO NO. This one also contains Vitamin E, Shea butter and fresh pumpkin cells.

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The Chapped Lip Remedy

During the winter months lips tend to get incredibly dry and it’s so annoying! Sometimes it feels like it’s impossible to avoid. Eating good fatty foods such as avocado, nuts, seeds and staying on top of your hydrating game is vital but a good moisturising scrub helps you get rid of any dead skin and helps the skin to regenerate. We love ‘Bliss Fabulips’ which is a sugar based scrub that will get rid of any dry skin in a gentle yet effective way. Plus, it’s a great stocking filler too


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After all this, our skin is in pretty neat condition as it’s been detoxified, we have got rid of any dead/flaky skin and we have added some serious hydration back into our skin but we are still not “glowing”!

Well, that is a job for our last little superstar,

The Sun Imitator – Using fake tan has not been something that I personally (Emelie) have included in my beauty regime until recently. I always found that the smell is really off-putting and that most sun-less tanners clog my skin and causes break-outs (yiiikes!!).

Katrin – I agree, plus I never get a good colour match to my skin as it always tends to be quite orange.

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Luna Bronze has now been a staple item in my bathroom cupboard and I love the glow that it gives you. Unlike most tanning products, you will not end up looking like an Oompa lumpa.

Luna Bronze has been the only sunless tanning moisturiser that has not caused my skin to breakout and always leaves my skin feeling radiant, glowing and fresh. What we really love about Luna Bronze is that they only use quality ingredients which are totally vegan and organic. So there we are our top 5 skincare products that we have got to have in order to get our skin party season ready.

Until next time, xxx

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