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What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word food? It might be “it stops hunger” or it might make you think of your favourite type of food. To us, it means everything. Let us elaborate a little.

We touched briefly on the subject of food and the model industry in our last post. Unlike the common perception of models and our diets, models eat a lot of sugary unhealthy foods such as diet products (we are not fans of diet versions as many contain a shed load of sugar) and many models concentrate on calories consumed rather than eating food that will nourish their bodies.

Emelie – I have always had a complicated relationship with food and when I was younger I solely survived on high carb food such as bread, fruit and sugary sweets. Needless to say I felt awful. I felt sleepy all the time and struggled with keeping my energy levels steady. When I was hanging, I’d reach for a quick fix in the form of high carb foods to give me that hit of energy. Unfortunately, that type of energy never lasts and you just end up in a vicious circle. Breaking that habit was hard but not impossible and it was so worth it.

For the past few years, we have both taken a much more long term and sensible approach to food. Food has a huge impact on the way we feel, the way we look and how capable our bodies are to cope with day to day life. Hence why, food to us is everything. Unfortunately, all food is not created equally and some are better than others. But we can confidently say that eating quality wholesome organic food has a great positive impact on the way we feel and for this reason we try to eat organic when possible. There are quite a few brands that offer an organic food range but one in particular has caught our attention. Mr Organic (very fitting name plus their logo is undoubtedly cute). The first product we fell in love with was their super tasty Organic, vegan Pesto and then we discovered their hazelnut chocolate spread (Omg, it’s devine) so when we received an invite to their Food Meets/Means Positive Event that they were hosting in London we were pretty excited (and hungry )

About Mr Organic

Valerio, Kostas and Carlo created Mr Organic with a vision of a positive approach; to every stage of their food production and beyond.

For them, organic food did not just mean food produced without harmful chemicals and pesticides, but it also meant a way of living in harmony with nature without sacrificing flavours and taste. In February 2009, Mr Organic was born.

Emelie – My first experience of Mr Organic was when I saw the cute little logo on one of the shelves in Waitrose and the first product I tried was their Italian Pesto, the rest is history (I was hooked) .

Katrin – I had never tried Mr Mr Organic before but was excited to check it out!

THE EVENT – Food Meets /Means Positive

This Wednesday, Mr Organic was hosting an event at the Ice tank venue in central London. Offering food and drinks for theirs guests with the aim to highlight the importance of healthy, organic food. Both of us were so keen that we actually turned up too early whilst the team was in the final stages of setting up for the event (a bit embarrassing lol)

The venue looked fantastic and as soon as we arrived (we went for a quick coffee and returned at the correct time, that’s what you get when you are way too keen 🙈) we were welcomed by one of the lovely girls from the Mr Organic team and were given a couple of cute ( pink) party hats (yay, we do like a party).

Mr Organic (aka Valerio) did a short speach about the meaning behind Mr Organic, explaining how important organic, wholesome food is at the forefront of their business vision. You could tell from his enthusiasm how passionate he is about their products.

Katrin – They were all so lovely and made the time to talk to all of the guests individually which was great and even though there were quite a few people, it felt very intimate.


Katrin – O. M. G!! The Venue was absolutely full of tables with food and everything looked so yummy. At first we just didn’t know what to do with ourselves,did we?!? Where to start?!?

Our favourite must have been the Zucchini Carpaccio and the Venere & Avocado Salad, it was just sooooooo tasty 😋

Both of us are passionate about food as we have notices how much the food we consume impacts on our mood, energy levels and the way we look and feel. For us, ignoring the power of food is not an option anymore, but saying that, we also want to eat delicious food and the Mr Organic range truly offers that. During the event, we ate enough for about 4 people (we just couldn’t help ourselves ) but knowing that the food was healthy made it all so much better.

Emelie in her element

Bubbly and organic cocktails, don’t mind if we do!

Katrin with the man himself


As we left, we received a goodie bag with a few products (and the hazelnut chocolate spread was includes, yay)

Emelie – I can’t wait to experiment with the spread in the kitchen.

Katrin – And I cant wait to eat whatever Emelie is making 😀 So stay tuned for some vegan, healthy chocolatey goodness!

If you haven’t already tried Mr Organic, their products are available in Waitrose, Ocado and Wholefoods.

Find out more here

if you have tried their range before, we would love to know which one is your favourite 😊

Until next time xxx,

The Model Diaries

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